Existing Partnerships

Therapeutic Collaborations

We have strategic alliances with Shire International GmbH (Shire), and Biogen Inc. (Biogen) to develop ZFP Therapeutics® for various monogenic and rare diseases.




In January 2014, we established a collaboration with Biogen Inc. to research, develop, and commercialize our ZFP Therapeutic development programs in hemoglobinopathies, specifically targeting sickle cell disease and beta-thalassemia.






In January 2012, we formed a collaborative partnership with Shire to research, develop and commercialize our ZFP Therapeutic development programs in hemophilia, Huntington's disease, and other monogenic diseases.

Non-Therapeutic Partnerships

We have also out-licensed non-therapeutic applications of our ZFP technology in high value laboratory research reagents, transgenic animals and commercial production cell lines to Sigma-Aldrich Corporation, and in plant agriculture to Dow AgroSciences LLC, a subsidiary of Dow Chemical Corporation.




Sigma is developing and marketing ZFN-derived gene editing tools under the trademark CompoZr®, ZFP-modified cell lines for commercial production of protein pharmaceuticals through its SAFC® business unit, and ZFP-engineered transgenic animals through its SAGE™ Labs business unit.



Dow AgroSciences has the exclusive right to use Sangamo’s ZFP technology in plants and is marketing ZFP-derived plant products under the trademark EXZACT™ Precision Technology. We have retained rights to use plants or plant-derived products to deliver ZFP TFs or ZFNs into human or animals for diagnostic, therapeutic, or prophylactic purposes.


In addition, Genentech has a non-exclusive license to use our ZFP technology for protein pharmaceutical production and Hoffmann–La Roche Ltd and Open Monoclonal Technology, Inc. have non-exclusive rights to the technology in transgenic animal production.