Non-Therapeutic Applications

Applications of ZFPs are broad-based and we have capitalized on our ZFP platform by facilitating the sale or licensing of ZFP TFs or ZFNs to companies working in fields outside human therapeutics:

Sigma-Aldrich Corporation

We have a license agreement with the world-wide research reagent company, Sigma. Sigma has the exclusive right to develop and market high value laboratory research reagents based on Sangamo’s ZFP technology as well as ZFP-modified cell lines for commercial production of protein pharmaceuticals and ZFP-engineered transgenic animals. Sigma is marketing ZFN-derived gene editing tools under the trademark CompoZr® and is selling transgenic animals through SAGETM Labs.

Dow AgroSciences, LLC

We have a license agreement with Dow AgroSciences (DAS),a wholly owned subsidiary of Dow Chemical Corporation. Under the agreement, we are providing DAS with access to our ZFP technology and the exclusive right to use it to modify the genomes or alter the nucleic acid or protein expression of plant cells, plants, or plant cell cultures. DAS plans to market ZFP-derived plant products under the trademark EXZACTTM Precision Technology.

We also have non-exclusive license agreements with life sciences companies including:

For protein pharmaceutical production:

  • Genentech Inc. (Genentech),

For transgenic animals:

  • F. Hoffmann–La Roche Ltd and Hoffmann-La Roche Inc. (Roche) and
  • Open Monoclonal Technology,Inc. (OMT).