Sangamo’s Mission

We are committed to translating ground-breaking science into genomic therapies that transform patients’ lives.

Pioneering Genetic Cures

Accelerating toward the future of new genomic therapies – Since the first mapping of the human genome was completed 18 years ago, the progress of sequencing technology has accelerated exponentially. Every day we are learning more about the function and interplay of our genes, how they make us who we are, and how they contribute to human health and disease. The therapeutic potential of the genome is being unlocked.

Over that same time, Sangamo has forged the way toward the future of genomic therapies. Our scientists were the first to edit human cells and the first to conduct clinical trials with gene edited T cells. Recently, we initiated the first ever in vivo genome editing clinical trials. We have continued to perfect our zinc finger nuclease technology, which today sets the standards for genomic therapies along the three critical dimensions of specificity, precision, and efficiency.

Along the way, we have become experts across a range of genomic therapies, including genome editing, gene regulation, gene therapy and cell therapy. With this technological range and our development and manufacturing experience, Sangamo is uniquely prepared to deliver the new genomic therapies that will change the practice of medicine. 

the journey to treat the first patient with IN vivo genome editing