Technologies for Genomic Medicines

New genomic therapies are being developed by Sangamo and others which may address the underlying mistakes in DNA that lead to some genetic diseases.

Unlocking the potential for precise genetic cures

Since our founding in 1995, Sangamo has been a leader in genomic therapy research and development. With our experience developing gene editing technologies, we have also become experts in gene therapy, cell therapy and gene regulation technology. This range of approaches allows us to connect the underlying biology of the disease to the appropriate technology.

delivery and manufacturing

We currently use both adeno associated virus (AAV) and mRNA to deliver our therapeutics and continue to develop and refine these platforms as well as our manufacturing processes for therapeutic cell production. Using our molecular biology and AAV expertise we are also developing gene therapy approaches for key indications.

ZFN 2.0

Innovation and excellence are coded in our DNA as our scientists continuously strive to improve our technology and capabilities. Currently, we’re working on next-generation ZFN constructs that are up to 20-fold more active than current constructs. This new and improved ZFN 2.0 platform has the potential to enable the development of more potent genomic therapies for a broad range of monogenic diseases.


Our Pipeline

Sangamo presentations + Publications

Our broad collection of publications, authored by our own scientists, collaborators, and others, contains original research articles and review articles that are relevant to our ZFP technology and its many applications.