Ryan gazes through his unique, white-rimmed glasses out over the frozen soccer field at his high school alma mater in Cassopolis, MI, just minutes away from the Indiana state-line. Today's practice will be indoors, although Ryan has a proclivity for cold weather...

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I don't believe in kicking someone when they're down. If you’re down, I'll help you up, and if I can't, I'm gonna drop down to the ground and stay there with you."

- Ryan

Maria and Sikandar

Traveling to Dubai for treatments was a regular event that Maria and Sikandar remember well. They enjoyed the bustling city, the shining skyscrapers, and seeing extended family, but the true purpose of these trips was to go to the hospital and receive blood transfusions...

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Everything that has happened to me in life is because of this disease. All these obstacles and all these paths I've taken, are because of this disorder. It is a part of me."

- Sikandar