Born 2014

Noah looks both ways before darting across the street to where his shiny new BMW i-8 convertible is parked curbside. Moments later, he’s cruising the block, smiling brightly. These are the moments of pure joy—the morning sun shining on Noah’s ...

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We have a lot of hope for these coming years with gene therapy advancing. It's our biggest hope really."

- Aywon, Noah's father


Born 2002

Without warning, Jack charges at his mother, Kim, and attempts to drive her out of the living room—like a linebacker pushing her behind the line of scrimmage, i.e. into the kitchen. She back-peddles, regains balance, and spins around to break ...

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He's not the kid that says I can't do it... Unless of course it's something you really want him to do."

- Kim, Jack's mother


Born 1983

The car slows to a stop a few hundred feet downhill from the Old Point Loma Lighthouse, perched atop the scenic entrance to San Diego Bay from the edge of the vast Pacific Ocean. Erica’s smile naturally glows with the ...

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There is often too much focus on the diagnosis instead of on the person, and helping them to become somebody."

- Erica

Aiden + AJ

Born 2011 & 2013

To watch Aiden and AJ play together is a heartwarming and all-encompassing experience. Two frenetic electrons on a collision course, they buzz around with laughter ringing through the air. It’s dizzying just to try to keep your eyes on them. ...

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They say it takes a village… be my village. Help us save our children. We can’t do this alone."

- Toni Ann, Aiden's and AJ's mother