What if you could regulate any gene, in any cell, in any species?

The basis of the technology

ZFPs represent the most common DNA-binding motif in eukaryotes and are found in many transcription factors. Sangamo's engineered ZFP transcription factors (ZFP TFs)  are built to mimic the natural mode of gene regulation.

Engineering ZFP TFs to achieve a therapeutic outcome

We engineer ZFPs to recognize a DNA sequence close to or within a gene that we need to regulate. By attaching a functional domain such as a naturally occurring “gene activation” or a “gene repression” domain to that ZFP we generate a ZFP TF that can up-regulate (activate) or down-regulate (repress) the expression of the target gene.

Advantages of ZFP TFs

Why use therapeutic gene regulation?

Regulating the expression of an endogenous gene (i.e. a gene in an organism’s genome) up or down with a ZFP TF may provide a level of control or selectivity of the amount of protein that is produced from that gene that is difficult to achieve with genome editing or gene therapy.