Sangamo Announces ASGCT 2024

We believe it’s our responsibility to partner with patients, their caregivers, families and community to advance the field of genomic medicine.

Together, we can realize its promise.

Our commitment to patients

Our primary goal is creating new medicines for patients who need them. The first step toward that goal is understanding patient needs, perspectives and expectations. We engage patients and patient advocacy groups from the beginning of our development process to inform how we develop genomic medicines and design clinical trials that will best meet patient needs.

Our commitment to patients is to partner with them, their caregivers, families and community to forge the future of genomic medicine. This includes understanding what it means to join a genomic medicine clinical trial, including potential lifelong impacts and considerations. Patient welfare is the rule against which we measure our actions and decisions.

Expanded Access Policy

Expanded Access to Therapies in Development is a critical program that provides access to investigational drugs and therapies for patients facing life-threatening or serious medical conditions without approved treatment options. Learn more about the purpose and significance of these programs and their role in offering hope and improved outcomes to those in need.

Expanded Access Policy

“Genomic medicine is a source of vast medical promise and new hope for patients. As a pioneer in genomic medicine, we believe we have an obligation to patients and society to help define the bioethical framework to guide this new field of medicine.”

— Sandy Macrae, Chief Executive Officer, Sangamo

Understanding Genomic Medicine

Developing a bioethical framework for genomic medicine

A framework for the ethical use and application of genomic medicine is essential to realize the full potential of this new field of medicine for patients.

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