Sangamo Announces ASGCT 2024


Our combined expertise in the design of zinc finger nucleases (ZFNs) and viral vectors enables us to strategically disrupt and insert specific genes into T cells and natural killer (NK) cells.

This innovative approach allows for the integration of genes that encode chimeric antigen receptors (CARs), T cell receptors (TCRs), and NK cell receptors (NKRs) directed at mutually agreed targets.


We are also investigating the potential use of zinc finger repressors (ZFRs) in oncology. Our approach is to engineer T cells with ZFRs to create gene-modified T cells with an improved potential to eradicate tumors. ZFRs are used to knock down cell surface proteins known as negative regulators of the anti-tumor activity, including immune checkpoints and other factors playing a key role in the tumor microenvironment.

In May 2023, we presented initial data from this program at the American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy (ASGCT) Annual Meeting and at European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ESGCT) in October 2023. Overall, we believe that multiplexed, epigenetic cell engineering using ZF-transcriptional regulators offers an innovative approach to the development of highly customized T cell therapies with improved therapeutic potential in oncology.

Latest preclinical data from our oncology programs